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Asia Resource Development

Asia RD is a Japanese and Australian resource development company, operating in Myanmar.

Good Afternoon helped Asia RD develop their identity and their web presence – a clean and bold style, focused on function and experience.



Daniel Kuhn or self-proclaimed Aircoholic, experiments with industrial approaches in sound.

Good Afternoon created a visual identity along with a website where Daniel’s music can be showcased. The intention of the design being the connection between the visual tone of the site reflecting his music.


Spec Digital

Spec Digital, a Melbourne based entrepreneur was looking for a site to answer to a growing demand he had for targeted sales funnels as websites.

Good Afternoon collaborated with Light Creative in Melbourne bring their rich designs and animations to life with precise, optimized web development.



Vital Enterprises is a startup based in Silicon Valley providing ground-breaking software that enables people who work in critical tasks, such as surgeons and engineers, to be able to access information via smart glasses.

Good Afternoon helped with Vital’s design and marketing collateral and continues to collaborate closely with Vital to help present them as a high-tech precision, engineering company.

The Jolly Miller

Jolly Miller is group that has runs several cafes across Victoria (Australia). They were looking to revamp their website, visually and technically.

Good Afternoon worked closely with Light Creative to match their web presence with the growth of the company. Along with photos and visuals to show their menu, Jolly Miller has a back end that allows them to invite candidates to apply for jobs and manage their food stock inventory.


Yukiko Maezawa

Yukiko Maezawa is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan.

Good Afternoon created a simple layout to best showcase her artwork online.


Like TV

Like.TV, a company based in Stockholm had a vision to introduce iPad apps to allow for interactive features that accompany TV shows – such as polls, chats, interactions, for sport games, reality T.V shows and pushing relevant content based on the T.V show.

Good Afternoon worked with the marketing and technology team at Like.TV on the company website, developing the UX and UI of the templates and the front end build in WordPress, along with the responsive layouts.


Inventium consults enterprise companies on how to bring innovative thinking and methods into their organisation. They are based in Melbourne and work with many corporate teams.

Good Afternoon worked with Inventium to create a website that presented their mission, team profile, methods and blog. The site is a place to beacon and house their content on best practices in innovation via their blog and email newsletter.


Bistro Flor

Bistro Flor was an Italian restaurant located in Melbourne. They were looking for an online presence, to showcase their food and menu.


Good Afternoon is a collaboration between like-minded, highly skilled individuals, founded by a sacred sibling bond/rivalry.
We are an entirely remote team based in Tokyo, Melbourne, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Benson Ho
Web Developer / Partner
Tokyo, Japan
Joanne Ho
UX Designer / Partner
Melbourne, Australia
Cristina Zanon
Brand Designer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sharmila Sandrasegar
Graphic Designer
Berlin, Germany


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